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REVIEW: Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King

Ultimately, self-love and raising the level of your vibration go hand in hand. When you make an effort to raise your vibration, you show yourself the love and care you deserve. You’ll feel good and attract good. By taking positive actions and changing your mindset, you’ll manifest greater things. By loving yourself, you’ll live a life you love.

This book is such a brilliant read and I definitely recommend.

Vex King shares his life experiences and learning curves to provide an insight into how we can maintain ‘High Vibrations.’ He aims to help us become better people, focusing on ‘the now’ rather than living for the weekend.

Vex provides mechanisms to achieve greatness through self love, kindness, selflessness and goal making.

His anecdotes help put his message into perspective. The short chapters in this book mean I can definitely see myself picking it up again and going straight to the section relevant to how I’m feeling.

He encourages people to share their favourite passage by using the hashtag #vexkingbook – have a look!!

Click below to purchase this book via Amazon!

Grace x

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