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REVIEW: The Guardians by John Grisham

In the U.S. there are over two million people locked up, and it takes one million employees and $80 billion in tax dollars to take care of them.

This book is a masterpiece with a complex yet gripping plot which is thinly based on true events in the US.

Quincy Miller was convicted for the murder of a local Lawyer 22 years ago. Cullen Post believes he is innocent.

This book follows the insane – and in some instances, far fetched – journey of Post in his attempt to prove Miller’s innocence. He has exonerated eight innocent men so far, aiming to make Quincey the next. Yet, he is faced with a multitude of challenges in seeking the truth – many of which land him in serious danger.

The only piece of physical evidence which connected Quincy with the murder went missing before his trial, meaning there is nothing to tie him to the crime. The consequence of Post’s digging means he unfolds all sorts of information about corrupt law enforcement.

I’ve found this book to be really fast paced and complex, meaning I was gripped from the very first page! There are many characters at play – as well as an equally exciting sub-plot – and Grisham does an excellent job of developing their profiles throughout. Although legally complex in parts, it is relayed in a digestible way – one which makes this book impossible to put down!

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Legal Thrillers!!

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