Wellbeing: An Introduction

I am by no means an expert, and I have not undertaken major psychological research or studied the brain at length, but I do know what makes people tick and feel that I can offer some valuable advice for people who may be stuck in a rut for whatever reason.

The Wellbeing section of my blog will cover a wide variety of topics. I aim to comment on themes which are important to discuss; mental health, looking after yourself, exercising self love, relationships, abuse, etc.

Everyone goes through their own struggles over the course of their life. At many checkpoints, people are led to feel alone or completely out of control of their own fate.

My blog aims to help people regain control of their own lives and look for the good in the everyday, making the most of every situation. I hope I’ll be providing valuable insights into emotions, empathise your situation and offer guidance for a brighter future, drawing on my own experiences and emotions. I will include home remedies or routines to help with low moods. My Wellness Blog will also discuss coping mechanisms and empowering segments for people who may be experiencing a particularly rough patch in life.

If you find my writing helpful but would like me to discuss a particular topic, please use the ‘Contact Me’ tab to reach out and propose your ideas!

I’m really excited about building this element of my page. I hope you are just as excited to read it, too!

Stay tuned for my Wellness blog posts.

All my love x

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