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REVIEW: The Jigsaw Man by Paul Britton

This is a book I finished quite some time ago but it has stayed with me/haunted me since. It is one I recommend to all True Crime lovers – read more to find out why.

A harrowing and insightful read on criminality in Britain.

The Jigsaw Man follows the journey of Forensic Psychologist Paul Britton. It provides a history on him, Psychological Criminal Profiling and describes his involvement in some of the most reported crimes in recent British history.

He writes about his knowledge on the criminal mind and how this became a useful tool for investigations, with him playing an instrumental role in aiding the Police force to convict perpetrators of gruelling crimes. I do find that his role may have been exaggerated for the commercialisation of this book in some instances. Nonetheless, it was interesting to gain his perspective on these cases.

This book is not for the feint hearted. Britton includes gruesome details of brutal murder cases such as that of Fred and Rose West, the daylight killing of Rachel Nickell and the Jamie Bulger murder. His first hand account means that we are transported back to the time where images of crime scenes were revealed to him. This is both unnerving and disturbing.

It is impossible not to be moved by this book.

Although some have deemed this work to be self fulfilling and pompous, I really enjoyed reading from Britton’s perspective. The details of each crime were chronological, easy to follow and hooked me as a reader.

Some parts of this book were truly heartbreaking. Many of the crimes were headline news when I was much younger so I don’t remember them. However, I have grown to be interested in such cases and thought that the book was really informative and hard hitting.

If anything, this book provides an interesting angle on criminal investigation from the perspective of Forensic Psychologist, Paul Britton. I definitely recommend this book to all True Crime lovers!

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    1. I’m glad you liked it – Thank you so much for your feedback! Let me know what you think of the book when you come to read it! xx

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