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Thyme Out Food Co, Didsbury

I have wanted to visit this lovely little cafe for so long, but it is always so busy – I see this as a good sign! We decided to visit on the morning of our 3rd anniversary. It was such a treat! The rumours were true – it’s a great spot for breakfast! Here’s why…

Thyme Out Food Co, Didsbury

Thyme out, aside from its quirky name and great outside seating area, is conveniently located on Nell Lane (just off Burton Road) in Didsbury! There is plenty of parking in the surrounding area and a metro link stop on the other side of Burton Road, making it an accessible place to visit!

We visited for breakfast and on entering, we were met with a lovely warm welcome! Due to the current distancing measures, the tables were sensibly spaced out and I felt fully confident that the team were working hard for the safety of their customers.

We sat near the counter and I was really pleased to see that Thyme Out uses the online ‘Seatd’ facility to take contactless orders and payments. This was really reassuring and made for a comfortable and safe experience.

Inside the spacious cafe, there is plenty of Manchester themed art by local artists and photographers. There was also a really great playlist full of classic Manchester music and other great tunes!

When ordering, we were spoilt for choice! The menu is so varied and all of the dishes were imaginatively named! For instance, I opted for ‘Manc Eggs!’ I also ordered a much needed morning Latte. When this arrived, I was surprised by how lovely the coffee was. It was smooth and well balanced – and was presented with some great coffee art!

Look at these Lattes!

Then, after a short wait, breakfast arrived! The presentation alone was mouth watering. Manc Eggs consists of; 2 poached eggs, crumbled Bury black pudding, sriracha, yoghurt, garlic butter and two slices of sourdough toast. I also chose a Portobello Mushroom and Bacon as extras. It was pleasing to read that the cafe makes use of local producers, too. On tasting the dish, I was so happy with my decision. It was flavoursome, fresh and the perfect portion size! I definitely recommend this breakfast option.

Manc Eggs! Absolutely delicious!

As our visit was drawing to a close and we were approaching 10am, the team brought out some delicious and (very) tempting sweet treats! These cakes are super impressive. I can definitely see myself coming back for a coffee and some cake!

Look at these sweet treats!

The team at Thyme Out Food Co were friendly, helpful and approachable. They were all respectful of one another’s safety and that of their customers. I really appreciate this!

All in all, we had a really great experience and I definitely recommend you pay these guys a visit! Breakfast at Thyme Out Food Co set the tone for a brilliant day celebrating our anniversary, when we visited Ingleton Waterfalls and later stumbled upon The Old Post Office Microbar in Ingleton!

Grace x

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