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My Routine for Flawless Skin

So you’re here because you want my tips on how to get perfectly clear skin. Well, I’ve got some news for you – flawless skin simply does not exist. I’m sorry! But I do think, since you’ve clicked on this heading, that you should stick around and listen to my message.

No, there’s no such thing as perfectly clear skin or the routine to make your spots, redness or pores disappear. But you knew that already, right? Nonetheless, we as women are bombarded day in, day out, with advertisements on how to achieve perfection. Brands claim to have the next best product for flawless skin, honing in on this major source of insecurity for us. They know what they’re doing!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a shiny new cleanser! But there’s more to follow, bare with me…

I’m here to tell you that you are perfect. I don’t mean that in a cliche or cringeworthy way. But, since you’ve clicked on this post, you might be thinking ‘my skin isn’t perfect and I want to learn how to make it perfect.’ My job is to remind you that your skin is here to stay, so learn to love it!

It’s the biggest organ of our bodies – woah! Yes, it’s important to look after yourself and yes, looking good feels good. But what constitutes beauty? Why is it that society has told us what to view as beautiful and we are all trying to follow suit? Are we all really this much like sheep? Surely not. A blemish, a red mark or a scar – this is what makes you who you are. Our imperfections separate us from others. Learn how to love them!

I’m speaking from experience, here. During my teenage years, I was blessed with some of the worst acne! It was painful, itchy and to me, it was disgusting. My acne flared up as I was reaching some pivotal times. I was 14, finding myself and experiencing changes all the time. I woke up each morning and despised the face that met me in the mirror.


This is so scary for me to post but I’m doing it so that you can feel empowered by my experience. I don’t want you to feel alone and I hope that you gain something from me sharing my story!

Here’s the thing. I knew I was a good person. I knew that I had ambition and I was sure that great things were heading my way. I worked hard at school and as a result reaped the rewards. However, I almost always had this nagging voice in my head telling me I wasn’t quite good enough because of the way I looked.

No matter what products I tried, no matter how much Tea Tree I smothered over my face, the stubborn things just wouldn’t move! In general, I just avoided looking at myself in the mirror. At school this worked just fine. I was somehow able to (almost) forget about them!

However, one day, I was met with a harsh reminder. I was chatting with a few people in my class and one of the boys was really analysing my face. Soon, he blurted out for all to hear … ‘Ew, you’ve got a massive yellow spot on your face.’ Delightful. I was mortified. He was 14 and should have known better.

A few months later, as my sadness deepened and the spots weren’t seizing, my Mum took me to the Dermatologists who prescribed ‘Roaccutane.’ This was one of the most aggressive courses of tablets I have ever been on. I was made to have constant blood tests to see if my liver was still functioning correctly. It was so strong that it meant I struggled to walk up the stairs without running out of breath. But, I endured it simply because I couldn’t bare the spots any longer!

I was on these tablets for about a year. Yes, they cleared my skin. Yes, it felt good. What felt even better was rejecting that boy, who was previously so eager to point out my yellow spots, when he asked me out about 2 years later.

Me at the beginning of my Roaccutane journey
Me mid way through my Roaccutane journey
Me at the end of my roaccutane journey
Me at 20 years old

Now, as an adult, my acne has gone but I still look at my skin and want to make improvements. I have large pores (somedays larger than others), some of the spots left scars and sometimes I show redness, too. I have been conditioned to believe that clear, flawless skin is something to aim for. This is an unrealistic aim that most of us share. We have been indoctrinated to think that anything other than perfection – ie, no impurities – is inadequate and lowers our self worth.

If you’re reading this and can totally relate, I need you to do something for me. Next time you are facing yourself in the mirror, look into your own eyes. Look really deep. Acknowledge their beautiful colour and the wealth of wisdom they hold. Tell yourself you are beautiful. Remind yourself of your worth. This may sound ridiculous but trust me, if you can instil this into your mind, you can tackle anything. Be your authentic self and rock it! Spots? No bother! This woman is ready to take on the world and make her mark – not pop pimples!

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but you’ll get there! You have nothing to prove to anyone. Love yourself and others will follow suit. If they don’t, you need to ask yourself why you want them in your life in the first place!

Imperfections don’t make your worth diminish and certainly don’t mean you aren’t valued. In fact, let’s stop calling them imperfections?! What is perfect? Airbrushed models? Let’s start acknowledging the firms who refuse to airbrush their models, showcasing all the wonderful normalities women tell themselves are abnormal. Cellulite. Spots. Redness. Scars. Flab. Pores. Urgh, the list goes on.

Brands like H&M who champion body positivity by showcasing their beautiful models as they are in real life and This Girl Can who encourages women to exercise however this may look, are brilliant examples of companies we should applaud. They each have an admirable ethos and support and empower women through their advertising campaigns.

I need you to feel the weight that lifts when you decided to care less about your appearance – or be less consumed by thoughts of how you look – and focus more on your personal goals. What do you want to achieve in your life? What makes you proud of yourself? What makes you happy?

Soon, you’ll grow in confidence and find yourself more aware of who you are, rather than what you look like!

Grace x

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