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Over this year’s Women In Translation Month, my aim is to read in line with this theme. Although I have some gripping crime thrillers waiting on my shelf, it is so important that we exercise our minds and create depth in our knowledge of the world. Since my blog has gained more traction than I expected, my aim for the second half of this year is to shed light for my wonderful followers on important books.

I have recently stumbled across Charco Press and my goodness, I am glad that I did. On researching this unique publishers, I am absolutely astounded by the brilliant work Carolina and the team do. (This will be one from a series of posts I will publish about Charco!)

Charco, meaning ‘Puddle’ in Spanish, has the ultimate aim of shedding light and giving a voice to Latin American authors whose work has not been translated to English… yet. Charco translates and publishes these books, bringing a whole new depth to the reading materials available to us.

I do not speak a second language and this is a major source of embarrassment for me for the sole reason that I am unable to really appreciate global writers in their own languages. Charco has gone such a far way since its establishment in 2017 in widening the horizons for English readers.

Charco Press gives us all the opportunity to read important and meaningful books from Latin American authors, allowing us to grow as global citizens and more well-rounded readers.

Upon browsing their website, you will find not only a brilliant selection of books (which I’ll come back to later) but also the aesthetic is simply beautiful.

Selva Almada’s ‘Dead Girls’ and ‘The Wind That Lays Waste’ alongside an eco-friendly, reusable Charco Tote – made from 100% combed organic cotton, this bag is climate neutral and ethically manufactured! Get yours HERE!

The classic and totally unique front page illustrations are unlike any book I’ve read before. It is clear that the team at Charco care about their image and these illustrations have really helped to build their wonderful brand, reflecting their individuality as a publisher.

Not only do the books look great but the quality is brilliant, too. I am a sucker for a pretty book. But a pretty book with excellent pages and context with meaning … well!

Now, let’s get back to what Charco is and why they are so special. Charco shines a light on literature that is overlooked in the UK simply because it has not been published in English. Charco selects from a wide range of incredible Latin American authors and gives them a voice, enabling us to enjoy their works! Charco carries a variety of books on a wide array of topical issues, meaning there’s something for everyone on their online bookstore.

I have recently received an advanced reading copy of ‘Dead Girls’ by Selva Almada and Almada’s earlier book, ‘The Wind That Lays Waste.’ Almada is

considered one of the most powerful voices of contemporary Argentinian and Latin American literature and one of the most influential feminist intellectuals of the region.

Charco Press is not only a brilliant publishers, but an important one too. These are books that we need to read to help us on our journey as global citizens. I urge you to check out their website and get yourself some books!

I can’t wait to get stuck into these books and share my reviews with you!

To find out more about Charco Press, their ethics, translators and authors click here!

Let me know if you’re going to try Charco after reading this post, or if you have read some of their titles already and have some recommendations! Either way, I’d love to hear from you!

Grace x

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