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Dough Re-Me – Neapolitan Pizza Kit

Embarrassingly, we’ve never made pizza from scratch so this was a new challenge for us. We absolutely love Dough Re-Me’s social media pages! When the package came, we were so excited to get going and make these Pizzas!

At first glance, the package arrived in a nicely branded pizza box. Upon opening, all of the ingredients were packaged neatly and in an organised way – I really liked this! They included everything that you would need to create a pizza just like the one on the picture!

Generally, we work well in the kitchen together and making these pizzas was no exception. It was so fun to see all of the ingredients that would be going into our tea, presented in their own containers.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, meaning you just can’t go wrong!

It was so fun to make the pizzas from scratch together and I can guarantee this is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages! First, we rolled out the dough, then placed it in a hot pan. Next we added the tomato sauce and both types of cheese, followed by salt and pepper, a few basil leaves and a dash of oil. We then placed the pizzas under the grill for a few minutes before plating up and tucking in!

Although the process of making the pizzas was fun, it is also really straight forward. It was great to taste a classic Margarita after preparing it all in our own kitchen! What’s even better is that the hardest part of gathering and prepping the ingredients was already done for you by the team at Dough Re-Me! Admittedly, we probably could have done a better job with our pizza presentation and can’t wait to re-order to try again, but this did not take away from the taste or overall experience!

We eat large meals and we are lovers of food in a big way … So, we were curious to see whether these pizzas would fill us up. We were so surprised to find that we were absolutely stuffed after finishing our tea! That just goes to show the great quality of the ingredients used by Dough Re-Me.

I would definitely order from Dough Re-Me again – a big thanks to Ben for introducing me to what they offer and for sending us this amazing treat! This is a food company that I really recommend! The team are helpful, easy to communicate with and provide amazing quality ingredients to create your own pizzas!

To find out more about Dough Re-Me, click here or follow them on Facebook!

Let me know if you give them a go – you know that you fancy a pizza night, now!

Grace x

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