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REVIEW: Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Wow… Another brilliant book!

I started this book whilst on my first sunny holiday in a long time. We went to Kos, Greece and I was so excited to lounge around on the lush beach with a good book.

This one certainly did not disappoint!

I must admit, I was getting easily distracted whilst reading the first 100 pages or so. It was very descriptive and didn’t feel like much was happening. The fact that I was in a new setting with so much to look at probably contributed to my short attention span, though.

The view from out room… I loved our holiday in Greece!

After 100 pages, it felt as though the scene was set, the characters were developed and the plot really did begin to get more gripping. From then, I struggled to put it down!

So.. what is this book about? For me, the title was so intriguing as it did not offer much in terms of plot, nor did the blurb. In fact, without having read such brilliant reviews of this book, I may not have ever picked it up! The power of Bookstagram!!

White sand, blue sky and a brilliant book – what more could I ask for?

This book is breathtaking. Owens’ descriptive language is something I’ve not indulged in for a long time. Her vivid imagery allows the reader to conjure beautiful images and means that reading this book becomes an experience.

Kya is not just an outcast in her local town, but she is isolated, ostracised and treated terribly. Living alone in the Marsh, she is branded ‘The Marsh Girl.’ From an early age, she is abandoned by those who mean the most to her. Owens’ perfectly articulates how this hardens a person, even a child. Kya grows up beyond her years, learning how to fend for herself, because this is the only option she has.

Through her isolation, Kya forms some bonds, but her fear of abandonment means that she struggles to build relationships in the conventional way. As a child, she learns to love another and this grows as she enters her teenage years. Then, as she becomes a young woman, she finds love again. This time, it is more complicated. She is wronged and the innocence of their love is smashed to pieces.

When a well respected and loved member of the community dies under suspicious circumstances, the townspeople quickly turn to accuse one person – The Marsh Girl.

This is a book about love, loss, fear, strength, family, independence, sexuality and prejudice. It is about pursuing your passion and staying true to yourself. It is a powerful read, one which made me sob after I read the final pages.

Where The Crawdads Sing absolutely lives up to the hype. I strongly recommend you read it for yourself. However, I know that I’m pretty late to the party with this one – if you’ve already read it, would you read it again? I certainly would!

Grace x

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