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REVIEW: Ramifications by Daniel Saldaña París translated by Christina MacSweeney

‘Paper has that drawback: it’s made to remember all of our errors, whether it’s writing on it, as I do now, or folding and unfolding it, as I did then.’

Like the image above, where the origami figures are present but not at the forefront, this unusual pastime underpins the main themes of Ramifications. It helps to characterise events and allows the reader to conjure clear visual images of each analogy as they unfold.

What a magnificent read. Another brilliant book published by Charco Press. This is a raw, deeply personal and intense retrospective account written from the perspective of an adult retelling his childhood in an attempt to make sense of his mother’s disappearance in 1994.

Through a ‘matter of fact’ narration style, the author provides an extremely valuable and touching novel, one which will stay with me for a long time.

Written twenty years on from her disappearance, the narrator searches his past to find out more about what happened when his mother was believed to have fled to join the Zapatista uprising in Mexico when he was just 10 years old.

Through his deeply personal analysis of the past, he discovers more about his life than he would ever have anticipated. The narrator, now an adult, sees once unquestioned memories as more significant and less innocent than before. A shock discovery meant that this book continued to pick up pace even in the last few chapters.

This books is a brilliant read. It explores important and interesting themes such as sociopolitical context, innocence (and loss of innocence), love, cruelty, the long lasting detrimental impact childhood events have on a person throughout their lives and the ways in which this manifests through patterns of behaviour and outlook.

It comes as no surprise to learn that Daniel Saldaña París is an award winning author. This book is masterfully written. Ramifications is clear, easy to pick up and very hard to put down.

I highly recommend you order this book! Order now!

Grace x

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